The Sims 5, a rumour or really in development?

Not many aspects about the fifth version of The Sims series have been released and it has still not been confirmed by EA that the game is being worked on. Nevertheless, it is said that either EA is developing the game now, or they will begin working on it in the near future.

Issue of The Sims 5

As stated in a few articles, the developer is planning to issue The Sims 5 at the same time as the new console series. For the next generation of consoles was also not a specific release date announced. However, it is suggested that it could be issued between the year 2017 and 2019.

Following the standard ‘schedule’ of release dates, The Sims 5 should be released in the year 2019. So the new game will probably be released along with the new console generation.

Release date The Sims 5

Many rumours are spread over the internet, speculating the release date. However, the anxiety about The Sims 5 maybe not being released at all is present, since an insider of EA declared that The Sims 5 will not be developed, in case The Sims 4 will not be successful. The reason of poor sales was also given for the absence of The Sims in a console game.

The sales not being high enough makes the future of the adventurous simulation game insecure; there is speculation that EA is not worrying about The Sims 4 anymore and has its focus on the fifht version right now.

There is no doubt that more information about the future of The Sims series will be given soon, but currently, the developer is supporting The Sims 4 with periodic updates for improvements.