The Sims 5 is further away than ever: SimCity Maxis Studio was shut down

It has been a few days since a remarkable situation has occured, which has caused many people to doubt about whether the development of the next version of the The Sims series will ever be succeeded. Even though it has not been officially announced that the shutdown of the studio results in job loss of the people working there.

Potential new release?

On the other hand, Guillame Pierre, the scripter and designer of the SimCity game has tweeted that everyone actually will lose their jobs. The producer, Grant Rodiek has done a statement about a potential new release of the game last year. They would not put their efforts in the next version of The Sims at that moment. The reason for that was that, if The Sims 4 would not be successful, The Sims 5 would never be released.

The Sims franchise

However, EA has actually confirmed and assured that The Sims franchise will be maintained, even at this crucial moment. But EA has not given an official announcement of a potential The Sims 5. The company has argued to Polygon that Maxis IP will be reinforced towards studios in other locations worldwide, since it is planned that the one in Emeryville will be closed.
Additionally, EA announced that Maxis will not quit providing support services and developing new experiences for The Sims and SimCity. This also includes help in expanding towards the development of the platform.

Continue playing Sims

By this, is it said that current The Sims players can just continue playing the game without any worries? The answer seems to be yes, as there has not been any effect of EA planning to franchise. The organization secures that the players will continue to have the latest-developed experience in The Sims 4. The expansion package will secure this, and will be released soon, combined with extra updates.
This discussion has kept many The Sims fans busy. Maxis started its road of fame in 1987, when it entered the industry. According to Game Rant, the studio has achieved a major success by the releasing SimCity at first, and has even achieved more with introducing The Sims.
Moreover, the decision of EA to close Maxis’s location in Emeryville has not come as a surprise. The reason for this is that EA has been known for its tough behaviour as closing studios, which has been perceived as a low level of satisfaction.