The Sims 5 download?

Since The Sims 4 has been launched in 2014, the game’s fans have been waiting to have the link in order to download The Sims 5, as being able to have even better features than they have had during all of the versions released earlier. With the year 2014 being the last year in which the next version of The Sims was launched, and the developers keeping a 5-year gap between each one, the release date of The Sims 5 is expected to be in 2019. Even though it takes a few more years before this moment will come, fans have been expressing their wishes for the fifth version over the internet.

What to expect

One wish of the fans is more options in the customization of the Sims’ appearance. An example is changing hair colours or hair styles, including buns, braids, straight and wavy as choices in styling.

Fans also want to be able to customize the characters’ facial expressions in the fifth version of the popular game series. Expressions enable the Sims to be more unique, just as changing eye colours and skin tones would. These options would not complicate the game, but does provide fans the opportunity to spend more time on customizing the characters to their preferences.

By 3D option, fans mean that they want to adjust the Sims’ bodies in detail. Maintaining the body by increasing the size of the muscles is also an option to make create unique Sims. The players could even spend their time on adjusting the belly button until they have the shape they like.

It is also time for the developers to add houses to be placed in the neighbourhood containing more bedrooms, so more Sims could stay in there. The option to reconstruct floors in order to raise the sizes would be received as a nice feature as well.

Additionnally, fans would like to see more elements to add to the environment of the houses. Examples are trees and gardens, with fences to hedge those.

The limit in parking facilities is also one point of improvement. This would prevent Sims from not being able to park their cars anymore or to park them more easily. An extra point would be changing sizes of garage doors.

Stairs also have restricted options. Why is it not possible for players to select between L- or U-shaped stairs? The combination of basements and chairs should also be taken into account.

Download The Sims 5?

If all of these expressed wishes will be included in the game will be unsure until the time has come for EA to release The Sims 5.

How to download SIMS 5?

There are currently no ways to download SIMS 5. If there are ways to download sims 5 then we will of course inform you of you. Do you want to stay informed? Read the latest news.