New game release after ‘The Sims 4’?

According to the fans, there is no evidence that ‘The Sims 5’ could become a success. The letdown of ‘The Sims 4′ has contributed to this, since it did not meet the fans’ expectations of a new version of the successful game series. Although EA (Electronic Arts) has announced a release of an expansion package of ‘The Sims 4’, called ‘City Living’, the fans did not respond very enthusiastic.

‘The Sims 4’ was expected to be a big success as the previous three versions had been, but the future of the ‘The Sims’ series is insecure. The big concern at the moment is whether EA will issue ‘The Sims 5’ at all. According to sources such as Movie News Guide, EA has put plans for a new release to a lower priority.

The main facts tell that a release of a new game highly depends on the sales figures of the current fourth version. On the other hand, EA’s franchise will not be closed if sales figures would turn out to be low; that would be a move into the wrong direction.

EA has gained a high degree of experience in the gaming sector and has the right knowledge of returning back in the game after a misstep. It is certain that it will find out how to correct the failure and to release something revolutionary for ‘The Sims 5’ fans to take it as awesome.

According to specialists, it should be taken into account that EA would gain more success if it would release a new game instead of just an update for ‘The Sims 4’. Hence, ‘The Sims 5’ including the latest updates and best gameplay could make the fans forget the mistake.

The expansion package ‘City Living’ of ‘The Sims 4’ has good looks, however, players could refuse to spend more money on a game that has considerable shortcomings and thus let down the fans. It is a also a possibility that the company will evaluate the reactions to this expansion and then decide on whether to develop ‘The Sims 5’ in the short term.

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