What innovations should The Sims 5 include?

The Sims 4 was released over two years ago and has practically finished its growth in possibilities after a console game will be developed for it. This fourth version of The Sims series contained various new characteristics – for instance, the transition of emotions of the characters – but there was a lack of in-depth content, as was anticipated on after the previous The Sims games exceeded expectations each time.

However, a fifth edition of The Sims was never announced by the developers, although fans expect the game to be released eventually. They only wonder which features should be included in The Sims 5. In the past, every new version of the game was released approximately four years apart from one another. If this pattern would be followed, 2019 would be the latest time at which The Sims 5 should be launched.

Features SIMS 5

Although this year seems to be not very close to now, fans are still hypothesizing on the features of the new edition. An example of the big fails of The Sims 4 was the lack of toddlers, who were included in the second and third game of the series, as the next life stage of the characters after they finished their time as a baby. Players are guessing this would be added to the game by means of an expansion package.

An aspect that did not dissapoint anyone were the updated graphics in the game, which are expected to continue to increase in the fifth game. This could be thoroughly seen in the modification of Sims bodies and tattoos, customization of buildings and more options in items that can be bought, for instance. The fans’ highest priority lies in the ability for them to create their own hair style for their Sims, instead of selecting one of the standard hairdos.

Customize driveways?

Another desire concerns parking; fans would like to customize their driveways and garages in terms of size, which would enable them to park multiple cars in one garage. Vehicles were not included in The Sims 4 at all, but fans wish for these and would like to choose from a wider range of types in a next version.

The development of The Sims 4 has still not completely finished, since expansion packages are still in progress. Players expect the missteps of this game to be included in these expansions. For the fifth edition, they expect at least the basic features to be contained from the moment of launching, which signifies how the lack of these in the fourth dissatisfied them badly.

Due to the lack of information for a new launch of The Sims, the fans do not expect a new release very soon, however, a launch is most likely to occur in 2018 or 2019.