The Sims 5: the first version in VR?

Electronic Arts lately announced that the fifth edition of The Sims series would be introduced soon. The deveoper has signified that The Sims 5 will have better features and provide better experiences than the prior versions. It has been two years now since the fourth game was launched, which has made fans greedy for the next one in order to fulfil their desires for new adventures. These players have highly contributed to its popularity and success as being the best simulation game.

It could be concluded that EA has realized the letdown to its fans due to The Sims 4, as the organization has announced that the fifth edition will be released in virtual reality. Rumour has it that the theme of connected neighbourhoods will be brought back in the fifth version, as it was in The Sims 3. EA has clearly learned from its mistakes in the previous game and is now aiming for introducing a new version that will statisfy the fans. A list of aspects players want to see in The Sims 5 was placed below.

Open neighbourhoods

In The Sims 3, players would find well-figured mechanics to move through the neighbourhood and visit other houses and public buildings by travelling by car, taxi, bycicle or foot. The liveliness of The Sims 3 dissapointed the fans by releasing The Sims 4, as the first-mentioned had toddlers who would go to school by bicycle in a later life stage. Although it lacked some elements, The Sims 4 had improvements in details, which should be continued to be in the next version of the game series. It is hoped that The Sims 5 will be a combination of both of these desires.

Customizing hairdos

Compared to what the players were used to, The Sims 4 had significantly fewer options in modifying hair styles. Hair colours could be altered, but the fans were wishing to see more than that: other colours for hair roots, hair tips, and highlights in order to create a personalized look.

Raising toddlers

As toddlers were not included in The Sims 4, players would like to meet them again in a new game edition. Toddlers need a great amount of their parents’ attention to learn how to walk and how to speak, however, this is what fans want to see; the babies growing up into toddlers and begin on their first actions.

Animals and vehicles

Many different types of vehicles were included in The Sims 3, for example, cars, taxis, buses, bicycles and scooters. However, players were unable to play with vehicles at all, which has made travelling for Sims much more unattractive. In addition, fans have always had the desire to play with cats, dogs and other pets in The Sims. It is hoped that The Sims 5 will fulfil all of these wishes and will ‘wow’ the fans!